Strategic Economic Plan

Our refreshed Strategic Economic Plan, published in July 2017, confirms the revised growth ambition shared across the Cheshire and Warrington sub-region: to grow our economy’s GVA to £50 billion per annum by 2040.

The SEP sets out the key opportunities that will drive our growth ambitions:

The SEP is intended to be a high-level, strategic road map to achieving our growth ambition. The strategy has been designed to be flexible and provide a broad framework within which different areas and groups can align their activities.

You can download the refreshed Strategic Economic Plan here.

During the SEP refresh process a comprehensive update of the economic evidence base was undertaken. This can be viewed here:

During the course of the summer, the more detailed, practical thinking of how the SEP priorities will be delivered will be set out in a series of supporting delivery plans and strategies, covering:

Links to the completed plans will be available on this page as they are produced.

Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership is consulting on its draft Transport Strategy setting out how transport provision within Cheshire and Warrington should develop over the next 20 years.  The proposal underpins the LEPs’ objective of making the area a £50 billion a year economy by 2040.  The plan focuses on strategic transport priorities.  Local issues will be covered in the local transport plans that the three authorities are responsible for.  If you want to respond to the Transport Strategy consultation, please send your comments to

Recovery Plan

The LEP board sets strategic direction for the economic development of Cheshire and Warrington. This is based on an objective assessment of the area’s opportunities
and challenges.

We previously set out our ambitions in the Cheshire and Warrington Strategic Economic Plan. We have revised our priorities in response to Covid19, our new trading relationship with the European Union, and Government’s recently published Plan for Growth.

Our draft recovery plan can be viewed here.