Local Industrial Strategies


Developing ambitious Local Industrial Strategies is central to delivering the National Industrial Strategy’s vision to build an economy fit for the future, with prosperous communities across the United Kingdom, and to drive up productivity.

Cheshire and Warrington LEP is one of the early leaders in developing a Local Industrial Strategy and has been working to build up a robust evidence base which demonstrates the distinctive strengths of our area, and which highlights potential issues that may hinder our growth aspirations.

Following initial consultation during early 2019, the LEP entered in to second stage consultation to test the evidence to gain a clearer view of which areas of policy and decision making could achieve maximum impact for Cheshire and Warrington, to:

  • Improving our productivity performance
  • Improving the earning power of our residents, and
  • Improving the resilience of our economy.

The latest presentation deck outlining approach can be viewed here (June 2019) 

The feedback received from the initial consultation can be accessed here (Jan-March 2019) 

The LIS Summary document can be accessed here

You can also access the full evidence pack with appendices.

We’re keen to get people’s views on our thinking so far. In particular, we’re asking three specific questions:-

  1. Does the evidence and our interpretation of it resonate with you?
  2. If not, why do you think we’ve got it wrong?
  3. Are there any other relevant sources of local evidence that you think we should consider?

You can contact us with your thoughts and views using our dedicated e-mail address consultation@871candwep.co.uk  using the subject ‘LIS Evidence’.

Recovery Plan

The LEP board sets strategic direction for the economic development of Cheshire and Warrington. This is based on an objective assessment of the area’s opportunities
and challenges.

We previously set out our ambitions in the Cheshire and Warrington Strategic Economic Plan. We have revised our priorities in response to Covid19, our new trading relationship with the European Union, and Government’s recently published Plan for Growth.

Our draft recovery plan can be viewed here.