The Digital Skills Partnership

Gallery from the launch of the Cheshire and Warrington Digital Skills Partnership, 15th May, Jodrell Bank.

What is the Digital Skills Partnership?

The Digital Skills Partnership is a group of employers and other organisation who recognise the growing importance of digital skills to all the businesses and residents of Cheshire and Warrington.

What is it for?

The Digital Skills Partnership will ensure that we focus on digital skills as we deliver the two priorities of our skills and education action plan:

  • Businesses being at the heart of inspiring and informing young people about new technologies and career opportunities so they make informed decisions about the training and education that they choose; and
  • Businesses working together with training providers to improve the quality of training available to employees and individual learners who want to acquire the digital skills they need for work or to function in an increasingly digital age.

How does it help me?

The Digital Skills Partnership will work together with businesses and training providers to develop the skills of the current and future workforces to enable them to take full advantage of new digital technologies. It will also help residents and employees across Cheshire and Warrington to acquire the digital skills they need to live in an increasingly digital economy and move into work or to progress in work.

DCMS’ Digital Skills Partnership Newsletter

DCMS’ Digital Skills Partnership (DSP) is pleased to share the fifth edition of their newsletter. This month’s edition features a spotlight section on digital inclusion, highlighting the incredible efforts of some of our partners as they work at pace to support vulnerable groups during this uncertain time. You can sign up to the newsletter here

DCMS are keen to collaborate on future newsletters and welcome you to share your thoughts, experiences and concerns. In particular, they are interested in profiling regional case studies highlighting how technology and digital tools are empowering and supporting communities and businesses during these challenging times. Please get in touch with Poulomi at 

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