About Cheshire & Warrington


The quality, scale, growth potential and outward-facing nature of Cheshire and Warrington’s economy, coupled with its strategic spatial positioning, mean our sub-region really matters. Cheshire and Warrington is, evidentially:

  • One of the strongest and best performing economies in England, and the strongest in the North of England, with workforce productivity levels rivalling those generated anywhere in England outside of the capital.
  • A major economy with a large cohort of world-leading firms, with an annual Gross Value Added (GVA) of over £20bn, and 430,000 work-based employees. Our economy is equivalent in scale to cities such as Birmingham and Leeds. Our key firms include Bentley Motors, Tata, Vauxhall and Barclays, and we have distinctive sectoral specialisms in advanced, high-value engineering, energy, and professional and business services as well as growth potential in food, agri-tech and biological engineering.
  • A diversified and internationally-oriented economy, with around one-fifth of employment in Cheshire and Warrington in export-intensive industries, the third highest of any LEP area across England. Cheshire and Warrington has a consistently strong record in attracting new inward investment compared to the national average, with the area offering a diverse range of investment locations for investors: in urban centres, in and around attractive market towns, and in high-quality, yet accessible, rural spaces.
  • A private sector-led and knowledge-rich economy, with a high density of private sector jobs relative to its population, one of the highest outside of the capital. The area boasts a large private sector business base, with business density rates well above the national average; the business base contains a well-defined mix of high profile international companies, well-established and substantial medium-sized companies, and a dynamic and growing small business base.
  • A well-connected economy, with long established linkages to Manchester and Liverpool and their city centres, higher education, and innovation assets, as well as strong economic links to North Staffordshire and the ‘Potteries’, and across the border to North Wales. Our people and businesses benefit from a high quality strategic transport infrastructure – the West Coast Main Line, the national motorway network, the M6, M62, and M56 axis – and proximity to international transport linkages at Manchester and Liverpool airports, and the Port of Liverpool.