Invitation to Tender: Delivery of Accelerate Marketing and Communication Services ESF

This tender is seeking to appoint a marketing agency that can provide full-service solutions including Strategic campaign development, delivery, implementation and monitoring; launch planning; website design and development; social media strategy and channel development; digital and traditional marketing; sales support assets and collateral design/development; copywriting; brand development; media relations and PR; media buying etc.

The appointed agency will create and deliver/implement a high-impact, innovative, fully integrated marketing and communications strategy and tactical plan. The programme runs for three years and the agency will be appointed to support with pre-launch development, launch of the programme, ongoing delivery of marketing and communications activity, ongoing stakeholder engagement and ongoing review/monitoring. It is expected that the full campaign plan would utilise a range of on and offline channels in campaign delivery that will reach and connect with both individuals and businesses and will launch the programme to the market with immediate measurable impact. Due to the volume of learners and the time period within which the programme needs to gather and maintain momentum, campaign activity will command attention and encourage action. In addition to direct targeting, there is a network of stakeholders and intermediaries that support referrals in to, and wider awareness of Accelerate, therefore an integrated tool-kit will need to be created, and communications as part of the campaign, to help develop a virtual salesforce approach.

Procurement for this tender is being run by the University of Chester. Interested parties need to register on the University of Chester Tenders website and can then express an interest with this tender.

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The deadline for submission is 30th January 2020, 12.00 noon.

This project is part funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), Skills for Growth Project (Accelerate). Project Number: 03S19 PO3307.