Gateway to the Northern Powerhouse

Cheshire & Warrington Devolution – A Growth Deal Bid Summary.

Cheshire and Warrington is one of the most successful economies in the country.

It is the strongest performing economy in the North of England, and amongst the strongest in the UK. It is home to a highly skilled workforce, with employment rates significantly above regional and national averages, offers high quality housing, excellent schools, an outstanding natural environment, culture and heritage assets and is the location for as many international corporate HQs as Liverpool and Manchester. It is also a centre of excellence in financial services, energy, science and logistics.

Devolution Growth Deal Bid

The Growth Deal Bid demonstrates how we can build on the area’s success and make a significant contribution to the Northern Powerhouse. It outlines how by 2040 Cheshire and Warrington will deliver:

• A £50 billion economy, adding £27 billion per annum to our GVA
• 127,000 new jobs
• 139,000 new homes
• Increased GVA per head to 120% of the national average
• Real public service efficiencies and transformation
• Reduced demands on public services
• Greater fiscal independence to ensure funding for our services is sustainable

This is the original proposal as submitted to government in September 2015. It was an opening position and any final deal would reflect the outcome of negotiations with government.

Download the document here.