Cheshire and Warrington Enterprise Partnership Business Plan

The long term ambition set out in Cheshire and Warrington’s Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) is that the sub-region’s GVA will have grown from £21.8 bn per annum in 2012 to over £35 bn per annum by 2030. Achieving this requires a growth rate of around 2.75% per annum compared to the UK’s average national rate of economic growth prior to the recession of around 3.6% per annum.

Cheshire & Warrington has a diverse economy and this is one of its strengths. In the long term, achieving the £35 billion objective will require us, working with the local authorities and others, to support that diversity, ensuring that the working population has the necessary skills, and that the area offers good transport, attractive housing, employment sites, good public realm and good retail, leisure and other facilities.

Download the Business Plan here.