Andy’s Blog – Day 3 World Dairy Expo

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It’s easy to see why so many people come to events like World Dairy Expo; it brings together a vast array of interested companies, organisations and people with a common interest. It’s also easy to see how attending such an event for the first time, especially if you come from another country and are trying to sell your product to a new market, can be quite daunting.

Making an impact on an event of this size is hard work (we’ve probably walked about 5km a day around the various exhibition halls and display areas) and maintaining enthusiasm and purpose would be hard for someone working alone. It certainly has provided food for thought in terms of the challenges faced by SME’s trying to break in to overseas markets, and the support that Cheshire and Warrington companies looking to start exporting might need from the LEP’s Business Growth Hub and the team at UKTI.

We’ve been delighted with the way in which the people we have spoken to over the last three days have been receptive to finding out more about Cheshire and Warrington (once we have managed to explain where exactly we are in relation to London!). So far we have had conversations with almost 50 businesses, trade bodies, educational establishments, media outlets and government agencies, telling them about our GREAT UK-funded programme.

What is clear is the need to have a clear message and offer that appeals to people and is adapted to the needs of different audiences.

We’re already starting to think what the LEP and Marketing Cheshire need to do to maximise the impact of the next phases of this project.  This will include making the most of the sub region’s heritage in Agri Tech, the unique element that the research work at Chester Zoo brings to the programme and the top line messages that will make our planned conference in Chester in March 2016 attractive to animal breeders, distributors and scientists from around the world.

The GREAT Britain campaign showcases the best of what the UK has to offer to inspire the world and encourage people to visit, do business, invest and study in the UK. It is the Government’s most ambitious international promotional campaign ever, uniting the efforts of the public and private sector to generate jobs and growth for Britain.

You can find out more about the campaign at and follow our progress on Twitter through @invest_cheshire #CheshireAgriTech.