RDPE Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Apply as an SME? 

Calls are currently under development – you can only apply in response to a call. Calls will be managed by Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership and the Rural Payment Agency – check our websites or contact us.

How much can I apply for?

That depends on the specific call that you are responding to but in most cases the minimum you can request will be in the order of £35,00 – £50,000 and will usually be in the region of 40% of eligible costs. In other words if your project costs £100,000 you can apply for £40,000 funding.

Do I have to be based in a specific area?

You have to be based in a rural area of Cheshire and Warrington. The exception to this is Food Processing businesses which can be based in either rural or urban areas as long as their input is a primary agricultural product. A post code tool will be available and a link will be provided.

You must also demonstrate a strong fit within the sectors set out in ESIF. In most cases therefore you will not be eligible if you provide a local service e.g. retail, a personal service such as hairdressing or a laundry service.

What can I get funding for?

See Guidance Notes.

What outputs are we seeking?

  • Strategic fit with the ESIF/SEP
  • Projects that will establish businesses and create jobs
  • Value for money and deliverability
  • Products that meet an identified need in the local economic market