Cheshire and Warrington LEP and Marketing Cheshire support Cheshire Young Carers over the summer!

Cheshire and Warrington LEP are proud supporters of our Charity of the Year, Cheshire Young Carers.

This amazing charity supports young carers across Cheshire in three key areas, school holiday respite programmes, individual and group support where necessary, plus working with schools/colleges to provide specialised support where required. Principally Cheshire Young Carers is funded by private donations.

A young carer is a child aged between 6 – 18 years who has a caring responsibility for a loved one they live with. Their caring responsibility will often be supporting a parent or sibling who has an impairment such as physical disability, mental health issues, substance misuse problems and / or other limiting conditions including terminal illness and are often isolated and encounter more barriers when trying to achieve positive things throughout their childhood.

For most children, the school holidays are a time to get some well-deserved rest. However for a young carer, this is often the most stressful time, as school provides a chance to see friends and is a positive environment. They may feel more relaxed here than in their own home. To support these young people, CYC deliver programmes with plenty of activities during these periods, to get the young people out of the home and interacting with others.

Several team members from Cheshire and Warrington LEP and Marketing Cheshire were thrilled to be able to support the charity over the summer by volunteering with the School’s Out Summer Holiday Programme. Team members worked with CYC for the day to help deliver the activity days. Team members joined days that included Cake Making, Marvellous George (drama and singing workshop), Task Master (based on the famous series), a day out in Liverpool, assault course at Manley Mere and the Forest Camp Activity Centre. The team felt thoroughly rewarded for supporting such a fantastic cause.

To read further about the fabulous work Cheshire Young Carers do, or to get involved please click here

Photo caption: Team members l-r Amie, Phillippa (Meg from CYC) and Kerry at Manley Mere