European Social Fund (ESF)


ESF will deliver programmes that increase labour market participation, promote social inclusion and develop the skills of the potential and existing workforce in Cheshire and Warrington.

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The Cheshire and Warrington Employer Skills Board leads on the development of ESF programmes and has identified four key themes to drive economic growth and contribute to the delivery of the Cheshire and Warrington Strategic Economic Plan:

  • 871 Employment
  • 871 Careers
  • 871 Skills
  • 871 Collaboration

871 Employment

If Cheshire and Warrington is to achieve its economic potential, it requires all members of working age to make a positive contribution.  Levels of economic activity and employment will need to increase to allow Cheshire and Warrington to maintain its economic contribution and support the growth aspirations of our business base.

Programmes will be developed to support people who are outside employment to make progress towards and into work and to address barriers to work to allow all residents to play an active role in the labour market.

871 Careers

Ensuring our businesses have the skilled workforce they need is a key driver for growth. To ensure our businesses attract and retain talent requires careers information, advice and guidance which informs and inspires young people to develop the skills for the future. Excellent IAG is underpinned by local labour market intelligence, facilitates links to local employment opportunities and career pathways and is developed in partnership with industry.

Programmes will raise awareness of the careers opportunities in Cheshire and Warrington linked to priority sectors and will support more young people to make the right career choices, whilst in education, to ensure job opportunities are available on entry to the labour market.

871 Skills

Over the next ten years demand for skills in Cheshire and Warrington is forecast to rise significantly, particularly at Level 3 and above, driven by economic growth, the delivery of major projects and replacement demand.

Programmes will be developed to equip the workforce with the skills and competences required by local employers, both at present and in the future, including in response to growing demand for higher level skills.

871 Collaboration

More effective collaboration between industry and training / learning providers is critical to developing quality provision which delivers the skills businesses need. Greater collaboration increases quality with a focus on qualifications and employability skills to deliver the wider skills required by employers.

Programmes will support industry and provider collaboration to develop curriculum which aligns to growth sector skills needs. Programmes will deliver innovative solutions to encourage and increase placements, internships and activities to enable young people gain relevant industry experience.

Summary of ESF Programmes

ESF Projects

How to Apply

For this first round of procurement we will be routing ESF programmes through Opt In Organisations.  Each Opt In will promote the ITT opportunities on their own websites and aligned to their own procurement windows.

The following Opt In organisations will be procuring ESF activity on behalf of the Enterprise Partnership in 2016.

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