Marketing Cheshire: Covid-19 Support

As we are all aware, it is a very difficult time for hospitality businesses at the moment and we just wanted to express our support to you as important Marketing Cheshire partners, and as businesses in the Cheshire & Warrington LEP area.

We want to know how COVID-19 has impacted your business:


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For Cheshire and Warrington Coronavirus updates please click here

We are in constant contact with government through the C&W Growth Hub and directly through Visitbritain and we will commit to updating you on a regular basis on the insights we get and any initiatives of support available through the Growth Hub.

As part of this, we have put together a brief guidance document that helps with some ideas about how to communicate to your customers and pulls together the support available as we currently know. We will endeavour to update you on this as and when we receive updates. From the Chancellor’s update on 17th March, this is what we understand to be the most relevant measures now being introduced;

    • ALL retail, leisure and hospitality businesses will have a business rates holiday for the 20/21 year


    • Rateable businesses will be able to access a cash grant of £25,000 per business


    • Smaller businesses will be able to access a cash grant of £10,000 per business


    • If insurance policies include a pandemic clause businesses will be able to make an insurance claim


  • The business interruption loan scheme is being extended to £5million

The Chancellor has indicated that the details for these measures will be introduced before the weekend or early next week and we will be in touch as soon as we get further news. We will also be liaising with the three local authorities to ensure clear communication.

March is usually the time when Ashley gets in touch with you to discuss your partnership renewal and whilst we are absolutely committed to continuing to promote Chester, Cheshire and Warrington, we understand we will have to take a different approach at this moment in time. In light of this and the financial pressures you may well be under, we have decided to defer the invoicing process for partnership until later in the year. We would like you to support us on this by continuing to engage with us and ensure we all work together as a destination to promote ourselves effectively at the right time.

With this in mind, we will be undertaking a proactive approach to just getting positive and beautiful images and messages out about the destination during this period, so that we are still front of mind. If you are open during this time we will promote you, so please engage with it by sending us photos/videos and copy and utilising the campaign hashtags. For businesses that are closed we will support with a ‘virtual day out’ promoting what is going on behind the scenes, telling your stories and keeping the customer engaged.

We will also be working hard to build our campaigns so they are the best they can be and are ready to be launched when the time is right.

To help us do all this, we would appreciate it if you could do 4 things;

    • Apart from the guidance we have sent out and the regular dissemination of information, let us know if there is anything else we can do for you right now


    • Please can you advise us on your current position, in terms of whether you are open/closed and let us know any new services you are setting up such as food delivery or support for your community


    • Engage with us on the ‘Beautiful Cheshire & Cheshire’ campaign outlined in the guidance document. Send us your images and videos, tag us in your posts. If you need any help with social media please get in touch!


If you are setting up a new delivery service or are staying open and want us to highlight you, please let me know as we may be able to support you with free photography to raise awareness of what you are doing.

You can also find a MIA contract guidance for those of you who deliver business visits and events.

We are conscious that you are probably very busy dealing with customer enquiries but if you would like to talk to either of us or one of the team, please do not hesitate to get in touch – 01244 405600. Whatever we can do, we will!

Many of the team will be home-working but we have added key email addresses into the guidance document for you to get in touch.

The Marketing Cheshire Team