Crewe High Growth City

A ‘constellation new city’ with a rail super hub at its heart.

Crewe is located at the centre of a strategic road and rail network with 4.9 million people within one hour’s travel.  It is a focal point and hub for regional connectivity and it provides an unrivalled opportunity for growth and economic development.  Already well connected nationally and regionally, our future growth focuses on the potential provided by a ‘cluster’ of towns being at the centre of a strategic road network and Crewe being a super hub in the HS2 system. This has recently been highlighted by Sir David Higgin’s report which reinforces the role of Crewe in the HS2 project.  Our growth plan for Crewe and its surrounding market towns will take advantage of current and future connectivity, capacity for growth and growing competitiveness.

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High Growth City combines four key elements that make it an exceptional opportunity:

  • Unconstrained land for growth – both homes and employment
  • A strong technological and human capital base with some of the UK’s leading businesses such as Barclays Bank, Fujitsu Services Ltd and Siemens
  • A constellation of towns that strongly interact as a single integrated market area – with strong individual identities and strong interrelationships
  • Connectivity through its transportation infrastructure – which the Super hub and M6 Smart Motorway will reinforce.


High Growth City is obviously a long term project – however we are keen to start laying the foundations for this exciting business, industrial and socially-transforming initiative now. This includes plans to work with universities to assess the potential for developing a ‘spoke’ into the new national HS2 Rail Academy in Birmingham and Doncaster.  These assets plus the existing HE and FE presence will enhance capability in the region in relevant technology/engineering/science and management, leadership, business growth and commercial development.

Crewe High Growth City Priorities:

Crewe Superhub Station – new rail hub on the HS2 network – enabling Crewe to be a major focus for rail and transport connectivity and major growth:

  • Basford West Crewe
  • Super Hub Station

Growing the Constellation City – critical infrastructure to enable the development of strategic employment and housing development sites:

  • Middlewich Eastern Bypass
  • Crewe Green Link Road
  • Crewe Northern Growth Corridor
  • The Congleton Link Road

Skills and Workforce Development – development of a hub for engineering skills, innovation and expertise underpinned by an growing educational platform which closely links our educational offer to the needs of current and future business growth i.e. University Technical College led by Bentley, OSL, Jacobs specialising in engineering and design, and assessing the potential for working with MMU to develop a spoke into the new National Rail College in Birmingham.