AMR Centre formally opened by Lord Jim O’Neill

The AMR Centre in Alderley Park has been formally opened by Lord Jim O’Neill, with the economist urging government to renew its focus on antimicrobial resistance.

Lord Jim O’Neill, author of a landmark report on antimicrobial resistance (AMR), said at the launch that the government has lost focus on the challenge over the last 18 months and called on big pharma to “do more than talk about the problem”.

Lord O’Neill’s review, which was commissioned by David Cameron when he was Prime Minister, predicted that by 2050 antibiotic resistance would account for more than 10 million deaths per year worldwide. And if no new antibiotics are developed, the impact on the global economy would be $100trn by the same year.

Lord O’Neill said: “The UK government has played a mammoth role in getting the ball rolling on antimicrobial resistance all over the world but since the review, some of the intensity of focus has been lost. I hope the government rediscovers the passion for championing the AMR Centre and other initiatives that place Britain in a leading role on this issue.

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