Blog: Glenbrook attend MIPIM (and support Cheshire and Warrington LEP in their delegation) for three reasons

  1. We meet old friends who we have done business with historically and don’t deal with now, and it is fun to reengage, find out what they are up to now, and maybe reignite the old relationship and do something new together. Fun is the operative word here!
  2. We get to see what the market is doing, not only locally and domestically, but in Europe and across the World. This keeps us fresh, humble and drives ambition.  This is about learning.
  3. We engage with current business contacts in a less time pressured environment, and can engage in more relaxed chat, and work to learn how we can improve and do more together. This is about embedding relationships.

When I was at Grosvenor we attended, but it was a very serious affair.  Every minute of the day was scheduled with meetings and we didn’t find time to see others’ stands and to chat about what business we could do.  Now I am slightly more mature, we can feel confident in not filling the diary, and to be comfortable in walking the halls, and the Croisette, to bump in to friends old and new, and engage in some chat.

So MIPIM is about not feeling guilty you are away from your desk, and about embracing the opportunity and freedom to meet people and see new ideas, and filling in as much as possible whilst not getting overawed.

Finally – the key things happens when you get home.  Following up!”

Guy Butler, Co-founder, Glenbrook Property