Atlantic Gateway

Britain’s second engine of growth

The Atlantic Gateway is the most significant opportunity in the UK to attract investment, accelerate growth and rebalance the economy. It is a proposition to create a critical mass of investment opportunities to achieve a new level of growth not previously achieved in the UK outside of London. By 2030, there is the potential for some 250,000 new jobs to be created in the Atlantic Gateway area generating £14 billion of new investment.

Atlantic Gateway represents an opportunity to invest in high growth, innovation driven sectors and major large scale infrastructure projects that will stimulate demand in the economy much quicker than supply side measures. The Atlantic Gateway geography identifies the strategic assets and opportunities across three LEP areas (Cheshire and Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester) and provides the forum for a greater degree of collaboration across LEPs to accelerate investment and growth. It also provides a medium for working across Government to inform policy and establish national priorities for investment to rebalance the economy. Atlantic Gateway also provides a platform to promote low carbon sustainable growth and support the development of green infrastructure and sustainable travel.

The Atlantic Gateway in Cheshire and Warrington is about more than just high value jobs, logistics, connectivity and infrastructure – it is a major opportunity to drive development and growth in the cores of two of our principle urban centres – Warrington and Chester – for commerce, jobs, new homes, retailing and culture. They will become ‘beacons’ of urban life and commerce on the Atlantic Gateway.

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The Greater Manchester/Cheshire & Warrington/Liverpool City Region LEPs and the North East Wales authorities are working closely together to examine the areas in which our economies are inter-related and therefore the added value of joint work and a long term planning approach from LEPs, local government and national government to drive jobs, growth and inward investment. This work is being progressed through the Atlantic Gateway area and we are clear that, in that area, opportunities do exist for joint projects to exploit the economic potential, particularly building on assets in relation to:

  • Life Sciences/Big Science (e.g. Liverpool Science Park, Daresbury, Alderley Park, Corridor Manchester)
  • Logistics/Freight (e.g. Liverpool 2, Port Bridgewater, Port Warrington, Port Salford, Omega/Warrington)
  • Wider infrastructure (e.g. HS2, Northern Hub, Liverpool & Manchester Airports)
  • Digital and Creative (e.g. Media City)

In the last 5 years there has been significant investment in projects under Atlantic Gateway in Cheshire and Warrington. OMEGA North has delivered 100,000 sq m of new logistics and distribution space creating over 1,400 new jobs. Working in partnership with private sector partners such as Miller Homes, Peel Holdings over £0.5 billion has been invested or committed.

Many of the Cheshire and Warrington Atlantic Gateway projects are longer term – however we wish to build upon the momentum built up through recent investment in areas such as Omega, Ellesmere Port and Birchwood as well as deliver the essential foundations of growth in the Gateway.

Cheshire and Warrington Atlantic Gateway Priorities:

  • Warrington Waters: a programme of projects which together will expand Warrington’s Town Centre and create a new major mixed use development area set alongside the Manchester Ship Canal and River Mersey – including expanding Port Warrington and enhancing bridge crossings. This includes the Warrington Engineering UTC and Incubator driven by major local businesses being delivered in 2015
  • Warrington West: A programme of projects which together enable business locations of international importance and scale – reinforcing Warrington as a nationally important hub for energy, engineering, software and telecoms and logistics – focusing on Omega and Lingely Mere
  • Warrington East: unleashing one of the most successful business locations in the UK and the home of Warrington’s Nuclear Cluster – the largest concentration of nuclear engineering and design companies in the Country – focusing on Birchwood Park
  • Chester Central: a major new development programme in the heart of the City – the One City Plan (Northgate and Chester Central Business District) and the Investment in a major upgrading of Chester’s transport infrastructure to accommodate and unlock these opportunities
  • Ellesmere Port Strategic Regeneration Framework: a vision and framework for economic development in Ellesmere Port – complementing its Assisted Area Status
  • Halton Curve: Improving strategic connectivity to North Wales and Merseyside including into Liverpool Airport through re-instatement of the Halton Curve.